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TAMF Accountability and Transparency

TAMF is dedicated to making a meaningful and desirable difference in the lives of children and their families by safeguarding trust and positive interests of mentors, sponsors, supporters and donors. We are committed to being a fully accountable, responsible, trustworthy and transparent organization.

Empower, Mentor and Sponsor a Child

Collaborate and Partner with us through becoming a child mentor and a sponsor for needy children in Uganda. For $ 35 per month you can sponsor one of our vulnerable children, empower, provide a safe and clean environment, balanced diet, an education, clothing, health care and playing kits. Your donation can make an incredible difference as you reach out to the vulnerable and poor children in Uganda with love and compassion.

Donate to Equip students and schools

Donate to provide students and school supplies. According to a new survey education is key to overcoming poverty, poor health and human rights ignorance, but many schools and children in Uganda lack important resources, making the teaching and learning environment unproductive for students and teachers. Your gift will make a difference. You can donate school vehicles, science laboratory equipment, Computers, school furniture, textbooks, toys, and sports equipment to elevate effective and efficient delivery of quality education services education for transforming unprivileged students and schools in Uganda communities.

Apply for Internship

TAMF appreciates the impact of internship and how it makes a difference in the community, organizations and on interns for character and career development.

Most of these internships are meant for people who can travel and work in Uganda for a minimum of one month up to several months any time of the year. Some of the positions can be undertaken from home anywhere across the globe. Also some of the work can be completed at our field and fundraising initiatives. All positions are non-paid internships.

Are you interested in experiencing hands on cross-cultural and charitable work in Uganda? Do you love working with children and their families? Are you looking to build your resume? Consider an internship with The Arnella Miracle Foundation. We can help organize an internship program to suit your individual needs and skill sets. We empower all interns to gain life and practical skill, tactics and mentor ship for strong positive career development and good moral character.

Tour with us

TAMF enhances its needy aid through tourism for development. We responsibly and safely organize trips for all people across the globe who would like visit and tour places for purposes of fun and community building, transformation and empowerment.We can help you fulfill your tourism for development needs,find a place to stay and any other needs you might have in an accountable and transparent way.

We encourage all individuals, organizations and businesses and companies to engage their employees for the purposes of fulfilling personal and cooperate social responsibilities. This gives them an opportunity to learn about their customers, community members, help the needy people in community,experience humanitarianism while enjoying themselves.

Volunteer with us

TAMF accepts and recruit volunteers any time of the year across the globe to enhance its programs and initiatives for greater impact. We work with passionate volunteers to promote human rights and eradicate poverty in communities across the country.

Our volunteers provide services and resource materials focused on social justice and human rights issues and skill members of the community. We use a complex and flexible approach to our work so that volunteers can build on their strengths and interests. Volunteers gain new life and practical skills and enhance their charitable skills for career development. Volunteering helps our foundation to create a huge impact and help volunteers to develop their careers, strengthen their resumes and public image. Most of these volunteering positions are meant for people who can travel and work in Uganda for a minimum of one month up to several months any time of the year. Some of the positions can be undertaken from home anywhere across the globe.

Our Volunteer initiative enhances the spirit of sharing resources both material and human resource for the progress of humanity. You do not need any experience to volunteer with us since we have many programs, activities and initiatives that consider every interested volunteer across the globe for his or her passion and career. However your career, passion and interests should be embracing our mission. We have various activities for engagement ranging from administration, community outreach, research, advocacy, training, fellowships, and recreational activities and having fun while creating positive changes and impact in society.

Placements and duties vary depending on your level of education, expertise and you’ll also gain an understanding of the organization and community development as you help with community and resource mobilization,reports,media, charts, file maintenance, and other office duties by providing the much needed assistance in organization development and transforming vulnerable, marginalized and disadvantaged communities. All our volunteers are given volunteer positions and responsibilities that enhance organization, community building, their careers and moral potential

Collaborate and partner with us

We collaborate and partner with civil society, governments, the private sector and responsible compassionate and passionate individuals to bring about positive social change by enhancing, human rights, health care, quality education and opportunities for meaningful economic participation and development. We do this by making research and finding evidence to design and deliver innovative programs that change behaviors, enhance human rights realization, increase access to services and improve lives of vulnerable, marginalized and disadvantaged children and their families.

Our staff are professionals, passionate, transparent, accountable and experienced to transform children and their families. Their diverse technical expertise and deep understanding of local conditions make our work effective and efficient to eradicate poverty and enhance child and human rights realization by addressing human development challenges in Ugandan communities.

As TAMF seeks to expand its programs across the country’s poor, marginalized and disadvantaged communities; our need for funding increases to effectively and efficiently save lives of children and their families affected by human rights violations and poverty.  If you’d love to see change and make a difference in the lives of children and their families, please help us to enhance our mission. You can fund or simply fundraise for us, share about our work with friends, family and neighbors. You can also work with The Arnella Miracle Foundation in very many ways to enhance our mission.

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