Our Story

Arnella Miracle Kamanzi is the baby that was battered and tortured by the maid in late 2014. Unknown to the maid, Arnella’s parents had installed a camera in the house that would later capture that very bad incident as they were at work. Her very sickening and disheartening video clip would later go viral on all social media platforms. People across the world viewed this video and were very shocked and angry at the way this toddler was treated in the hands of an adult who was supposed to take care of her. It was a very hurtful and traumatizing situation for Arnella and everyone who watched her video.

The Arnella Miracle Foundation (TAMF) is thus born from Arnella's bad experience. The Foundation was established and registered by Arnella’s mother Angella, and a group of advocates in 2016.

The foundation therefore looks to help create a happy and child abuse free environment for children to grow in.